somniumdraconae (somniumdraconae) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pain in breast area after nude adventure

Yesterday, a couple of friends took me to a "clothing optional" resort at which they are members, to try it out. I spent the majority of the day (several hours) nude. I had the interesting observation that, even just normal moving about and walking, my breasts do quite a bit of bouncing about when un-contained. As a 32DDD, I wear very supportive bras most of the time, often even while sleeping.

Today, I have some soreness in my breast area, mostly on the right but a little on the left. It definitely isn't the breast itself, it's more around the armpit area. If I press down lightly where it is tender, it is right over a rib. I do also have chronic inflammatory issues (rheumatoid arthritis) and it is not uncommon for me to experience chostochondritic pain (inflammation of the cartilage connecting the ribs), but this is an unusual area for this kind of pain. Is it possible all that bouncing around strained the breast ligaments a bit? Have other larger-breasted persons of VP gone naked for an extended period of time, and been sore after?

Semi-related question:
I found my nude adventure to be very freeing (pun intended!) and also a fascinating body-positivity experience. I would be happy to write more about it if there is interest? ((Perhaps VP would feature it on a Monday post?))
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