Princess Lyssa Lovegood (lyssa027) wrote in vaginapagina,
Princess Lyssa Lovegood

hysterectomy stories

I have to get a full hysterectomy, including removal of the ovaries, cervix, fallopian tubes, and uterus, due to having uterine cancer that was recently detected and diagnosed. My type of cancer is basically immune to radiation and chemotherapy, so a hysterectomy, is really the only sure-fire way to treat it.

I have been trying to research hysterectomies on the internet to get any information about any part of the surgery, especially the after effects, which make me more nervous than the actual surgery, itself, to be honest, but all I can find are very negative stories about people, who have been in my situation and had the same surgery. This terrifies me.

I realize that somebody, who has had good experiences post hysterectomy are much less likely to have things to say than people, who have had negative experiences, therefore less likely to share their tale on the internet.

So I wondering if anybody here has had a hysterectomy or knows somebody, who has had a hysterectomy, and wouldn't mind sharing stories or experiences with me on here.

Thanks a bunch :)
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