Faye (fayefil) wrote in vaginapagina,

a little freaked out

My co-worker had an active cold sore out outbreak a week and a half ago and took Valtrax. The lesion was gone when I saw her Monday. Both of us sit at the same nurses station and we were each drinking tea. I drink unsweetened tea so when I drank hers accidentally I knew immediately that it wasn't mine. I washed my mouth out with soap and rubbing alcohol (extreme I know) including all over my lips. I wouldn't worry about it normally except I had a tiny cut in my mouth where I had bitten the inside of it a day or two prior. Am I going to catch it? The doctor I work for didn't seem too worried about it but he gave me a prescription for an anti-viral just in case. I also called the STD hotline and they told me that I would be considered low risk. I love giving my husband blow jobs and now I'm afraid to give him head. Am I being ridiculous?

Edit: as of last year neither of us were asymptomatic carriers, we were blood tested and pee tested for everything under the sun, herpes simplex included.
Tags: herpes
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