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Bad Planned Parenthood Experience

Once again, trans guy here, on testosterone, having some surprise spotting problems, having trouble getting in with my usual GP at the local LGBT clinic, had an appointment with PP.

I got to my appointment between 15 and 20 minutes early, completed my paperwork. When I was on the phone to make the appointment last week, I explained that I'm on testosterone and bleeding. When I filled out the paperwork, I wrote that I'm on testosterone and bleeding. I wrote my preferred name in really big letters because it's not my legal name yet.

My appointment was scheduled for 1 pm and because OBGYN exams give me panic attacks and I haven't been able to see my GP for anything for anxiety, I had set up essentially a safe-meet with a queer friend at the cafe next door for between 2:30 and 3. At 1:30pm I still hadn't been called and went to the desk to see what was the matter. The receptionist told me I was next in line and I would just have to wait, I would be called in the next 15 minutes. (Mind you, my anxiety over this exam is only increasing exponentially as I just wait and wait and wait.)

At 2pm, I came back again and was told, again, that I was next in line and I would have to wait. I said that it wasn't acceptable. She offered to schedule me for another day and I asked if I would have to wait for over an hour again and she said she had no control over that. At that point the assistant manager on duty said she would take my file back to the clinician on staff. Five minutes later she came back and told me that because I'm on testosterone, they can't see me. I have to go to the local LGBT clinic. I explained that, hey, yeah, I go there, but I can't see my GP soon enough. She just shrugged, told me that Planned Parenthood can't treat me, and that I needed to leave.

This is my local PP, in the heart of Philadelphia's Gayborhood. Right on their page, it says that they offer LGBT services. When I called the local number for complaining about the problem, I was told that yeah, if I'm taking T, they will just turn me away at the door. When I pointed out that that isn't LGBT healthcare, the woman on the phone essentially said that they just won't treat me.

I'm happy my friend was there to be supportive because I was shaking when I made it to the cafe, but for other reasons. I guess trans guys on hormones should just avoid PP. I literally have no idea what I'm going to do because, remarkably, being refused service has not solved my health problems.
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