Tasha (namelessw0nder) wrote in vaginapagina,

Probiotic suppositories?

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So, sadly, the usual treatment of hydrocortisone suppositories and clindamycin isn't working for my DIV (desquamative inflammatory vaginitis). The hydrocortisone actually didn't work at all, and the clindamycin still only works as long as I'm using it. I'm going back to see the gyno next week.

True to my word, I'm now trying a probiotic suppository approach after a couple weeks break from any treatment. I've been doing a lot of reading about DIV lately and there's still not a lot of information out there about cures or alternatives treatments when the usual methods don't work. About 30% of cases are persistent and have to be treated pretty much continuously.

I'm wondering if anyone who has experiencing using probiotics as suppositories can tell me what brand they used and if they encountered any strange side effects. I just picked something up with a few strains, esp. a couple of lactobacillus strains, at Whole Foods. So far, I'm getting very gloopy discharge, kind of like a yeast infection but thicker, not like cottage cheese. The smell is very much like warm yogurt, which makes me worry that I'm just giving myself a yeast infection. After 2 nights of treatment and one night off because I had a doctor's appointment for a UTI (worried I might have given myself that from the probiotics), I actually do have some (mild) relief from the dreaded itch. I wanted to give it a week to be sure.

Of course, I will be spending Saturday night out of town and I don't want other people to smell this yogurt-scent on me (it's noticeable to me, so I'm sure anyone in close proximity would probably smell it, but I'll ask my husband). I want to discontinue the probiotics a couple of nights before my appointment so everything can clear out before then, which doesn't really give me a week at all. Oh well.
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