kadevha (kadevha) wrote in vaginapagina,

Uterus Polyps Update

An Update To This Post

Well, the uterine polyp biopsies came back fine!  So yay!

It wasn't until after the fact that I realized I might have been unintentionally shamed though.

I went into my gynecologist because I had spotting between periods, extreme pain, and clotting issues.  My Gyn employs nurse practitioners and physician assistants.  I preferred PA 1 because she didn't focus on my weight, at all.  However, I would rather go to L* from this point forward because she is very straight forward, even if she does mention weight issues.  At least she is honest and doesn't assume anything.

My issue?  PA 1 asked me about abnormal pap smears when I first went to her in January about this issue.  I told her that I had not had any that I remember.  She asked about my sexual partners (less than 10).  I know this is normal.  I expect these questions when unexpected symptoms occur.  However, she asked these every single time I saw her.  I had a cervical biopsy, the first go around.  I had a pap smear, the 2nd go around.  Each appointment, I had a vaginal ultrasound.  It seemed that she could not get past all of my symptoms without leaning toward abnormal paps/etc.  Guess what?  Everything was normal.  And even if it weren't?  Wow.  Whether I am a virgin or not, there is no need to repeatedly ask me how many partners I have had.

Suffice it to say, I am a bit unnerved by it.  Should I seek another provider?  I am not because the doctor is just amazing.  He is just so full of win and awesome-sauce, that I will go nowhere else.  For now, I do believe that I will see the other PA though.

Even still!  I am very much relieved that everything is fine. :)
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