onlyforever10 (onlyforever10) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sore vaginal opening

Hi everyone -

I had sex yesterday morning and there was some fingering as well and it may have been a little more vigorous than normal (but not painful or anything at the time). Now my vaginal opening is sore. Just the opening, past the inner labia. I looked down there with a mirror and nothing looks swollen or even very red (it may be SLIGHTLY red, but it's hard to tell because my "natural" inner vaginal area color is a pinkish-red).

I took one of those Vagisil Ph test strip thingies that tests for elevated PH levels and it came back totally normal, plus I don't have any difference in my discharge or odd smells, so I figure it's not BV or a yeast infection. It's also not really itchy or burning - more just sore/irritated. Like it's more uncomfortable when I'm sitting (more pressure on that area) than standing.

Any suggestions on what to use to make it heal better/easier? Coconut oil (I have some organic plain coconut oil)? Will plain yogurt work if it's not a yeast infection? I've never done the yogurt thing before - I got some Trader Joe's organic lowfat yogurt, plain, 2% milkfat, grade A. Is that the right kind?? The ingredients are "organic cultured pasteurized reduced fat milk" and "live active cultures".

Obviously I will abstain from sex or any other activities that involve that area until it feels better as well.

Thank you all for any suggestions! I love this community!
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