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Birth Control Options

Hey, I'm one of the lucky few for whom the ACA is fantastic. I will finally have health insurance next month and I want to get on some sort of birth control. It's been roughly 2 years since I've been on anything, and I've had a really rough go of finding something that works. I'm hoping someone here can offer some advice or experiences with options that I can look into more. Here's what I've tried in the past:
Depo shot-- got it once, spotted the entire three months until it wore off, headaches daily, no libido, mood swings
Ortho tri cyclen lo-- was on it for roughly a year, may have been unrelated to the pill, but during this time I developed what doctors believe are cysts. I had no insurance when I went to the ER, so no formal tests were done to be sure what it was.
Mirena-- after 6 weeks my body tried to expel it. I went to the ER due to extreme pain and was told my body was basically in labor and had been for two weeks or so, but the device was still in place. Kept it in for almost a full year and it fell out painlessly in the shower. Other than the pain 6 weeks in and the spontaneous expulsion, I loved mirena. Would it be worth trying again, or is my body likely to react the same way again?
Progesterone only pill-- I don't remember the exact name of this one, but it caused horrible horrible pain from the possible cysts mentioned above. I don't believe I ever made it through a full pack because I'd find myself in so much pain and stop taking it for a few days and it would go away. I finally stopped trying.

I still have issues with the 'cysts' nearly every cycle, but while I was on Mirena and didn't have as heavy of periods, I didn't have issues with them. My periods are quite heavy and painful. I would welcome a less frequent cycle. I am above the effective weight limit for the patch and the ring (currently ~200 lbs). I do want kids in the future, probably 3-5 years. I am a cis female in a monogamous relationship with a cis male, both are std free. I have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and will also be looking into treatment options for that, so may be on anti-depressants.
Ideally, an option that lessens the frequency/intensity of cycles, has minimal risk of weight gain and mood swing side effects, and won't have long term effects on my fertility.
tl;dr I'm looking for birth control, what have you tried/liked/hated/heard of/etc.?
ETA: I'm not totally against trying these methods again. I was a teen when I was on most of them, and maturity might make a difference in some symptoms. 
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