stuck in reverse (starskye) wrote in vaginapagina,
stuck in reverse

Nuvaring and air travel

Hello all. I have been reading this community for a while now, and decided to join. I have a question that may be utterly ridiculous but I do want to ask it.
I have just switched from the birth control pill to the nuva ring. I have a flight coming up and something occurred to me...if I have to go through the body scanners, will they see the nuva ring in me and will it cause any problems? As in them thinking it is some kind of contraband that would lead to some kind of more invasive search? In the past I've always just had my pills in my carry on with the pharmacy label on it. You can't really have the label to prove it is prescribed to you on the ring when you wear it...also, I went to a planned parenthood this time so they didn't even give me an actual paper prescription, just the ring in the package but my name isn't on the foil package.

Does the body scanner even see the ring? Or an IUD for that matter? I assume people travel with these things all the time. Has anyone been through an airport body scanner with the ring or the IUD? Would this cause a problem or cause you to have to explain what it is to airport personnel? I just don't want to get in any trouble because they think I am trying to smuggle something "down there". I am sorry if this sounds unlikely.
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