lb76696 (lb76696) wrote in vaginapagina,

Norethisterone for abnormal bleeding

My Doctor prescribed me some Norethisterone yesterday as I have been spotting. The spotting was previously just a little brown blood but it started to turn bright red two days ago and has got heavier. He said that it should stop the bleeding within 24-48 hours. So far it has almost been 24 hours and I haven't seen a change in the amount of bleeding. It has changed back to primarily dark brown blood but is still fairly a lot. Has anyone been prescribed this for abnormal bleeding? Will I still spot brown after the 48 hours as my body is clearing itself of old blood or is it expected to stop that completely?

Sort of unrelated, but can baths help to clear old blood from your system?

Edit: Less blood is seeming to come out but it is red again and when I put my fingers inside there are always new clumps of blood. Does this sound like it's ending or getting worse?
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