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MMMMonday! Intersex discussion on Autostraddle.

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This MMMMonday, we'd like to link you to a post that was very very popular on our Facebook page - an Autostraddle piece about being intersex. We figure not everyone who reads here reads there, and it's a good piece that a lot of folks seemed interested in! (Also, if you're not following us on Facebook and you'd like to be, check us out here. To be sure you see all our posts, you can select "get notifications" after "liking" us, and you'll get a notice every time we make a post!)

From "Claudia is Intersex, Let's Talk About It"

"Intersex, first and foremost, is about bodies—a biological way of being. When most individuals are born, the doctor or the doula or the flustered taxi cab driver shouts out, “It’s a boy!” or, “It’s a girl!” The person shouting figures out whether this new, tiny human is a boy or a girl by inventorying the set of physical traits they have. Although doctors typically check only external genitalia to assign sex, these traits also include internal sex organs, chromosomes, and hormone types and levels. If a child has all the “boy forms” of these traits, he’s a boy. If the child has all the “girl forms” of these traits, she’s a girl. Intersex people are born with a mix of sex characteristics – some traditionally considered male, and some considered female – in the same body. For example, I have a vagina and later developed breasts and hips, but I also have XY chromosomes, and had testes at birth. I’ve got some “male” traits and some “female” traits in the same body, so it’s not so easy to clearly assign me “male” or “female.” My own body is just one example; intersex isn’t a single category, and there are many different variations of intersex and, within each variation, a lot of diversity. Not all male or female bodies look and function the same, you know? Knowing that I’m intersex alone doesn’t really tell you much about me or my body."

Check out the whole thing over here!

VPers, did you learn things from reading this article? Any thoughts you'd like to share?
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