justjane37 (justjane37) wrote in vaginapagina,

Muscle Spasms in legs

I am new here.
I have very heavy periods and am increasingly suffering from them every month.
This month I am getting muscle spasms mostly in my right leg. Above the knee, inner thigh and on my calf. They do come and go and seem to be worse at night. I have always had leg cramping and tight, hot feeling thighs with my period.
I have never experienced spasms before though and wondering if anyone else does? I have only been having them for three days and they started at the same time as my period. If I weren't on my period I would be freaking out about them. If they don't go away at the end of my period then I will definitely see my doctor.
Does anyone else get this?
Or should I be going to the ER????
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