ginny587 (ginny587) wrote in vaginapagina,

Low body temperature

Yesterday, I found a basal thermometer to start tracking body temperature to see when ovulation is happening. It's a little late this cycle but I'll start next.
Previously, I had a Walgreens brand cheapo thermometer that seemed off-if I felt feverish it said 98.6 or so, and if I felt normal somewhere in the range of 97 (once it made it up to 101.7 during a bad cold and I was completely out of commission-couldn't even hold a normal conversation type out of commission).
Since yesterday I've felt the beginnings of a cold and keep feeling feverish on and off, so I've checked my temp a couple of times with the new "clinically accurate" basal thermometer, and it has read between 97 down to 95.5. All I can find is that it's not abnormal for a person's average temperature to be below 98.6, but I can't find anything saying how low is too low-is there such a thing? Thyroid perhaps?
Trying not to be a worry wart/blow something small out of proportion. It just seems off to be a full 3 degrees below what is considered normal when, if anything, I feel like I'm running a fever.
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