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Hi! I love that this community is always here for me.

The other day, I had an itch, and my finger came away...with wet TP? I tried to wipe it out but my work only carries cheap TP and I felt like it was making it worse! I took some gauze from the first aid kit and laid it out pad style til I could get home and shower. What a relief.

It came back that night! So I hit Google pretty hard, and assumed I had a yeast infection, though you definitely couldn't call this cottage cheesey. I figured I'd shove some garlic up there ASAP.

Then I discovered Smegma, which seems to describe it pretty well and seems normal enough.

BUUUUUUUUUUUUT. My GOO doesn't harden. It's kind of white in places, but really my vag LOOKS normal UNTIL I touch it. It has like a film coating. A fingernail pulls a LOT off but even just running my finger over the skin between the labia gets some residue scraps.

This IS smegma, right?

I want to sex up my boyfriend tonight and it's driving me crazy. Is sex okay? Is it gonna leave little TP like chunks all over him so he can accuse me of having STIs?
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