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Treat yeast infection without symphtoms - bad?


I have had some problems which started at the end of july 2013. It has been discussed left and right, up and down, sideways... So I am done discussing it.
A little while ago I did another google search for others in the same boat as me, and this one girl had been suffering from a yast infection right inside the urethra.

I have been treated for it, but I used another brand (think this one might be for ... Some other yeast, have not really checked).

I know you shold not use medication for no good reason/ just in case. But would it be bad (as in damaging to try) to use it and see if things gets better?

I don't use medication lightly and I would rather let this go, but if there is even a tiny chance of this working I would like to explore it.
But if this can possibly make everything worce I don't want to do it.

And while I am asking about using stuff just... Commercials on tv say that a lot of times what might seem like a yeast infection can actually be a pH inbalance, and you can buy these ... (Crem stuff that goes up into the cervix (not too sure about the english word for the anatomy)) at the apothocay to make the pH normal? Its called Lactal (not sure if it is international brand).
Question is, would this be bad to use? And can I substitute the expencive apothocary stuff with natural yoghurt on a tampon? (If an inbalance is the problem), and again would yoghurt be bad? Can really see why you should put yoghurt there (even though I know that we have those bacterias down there already)

Going to the doctor to get tested for this is not a posibility at the moment, and wont be an option for some time (I study at the opposite side of the country from him), and getting an appointment with another doctor is too difficult to even bother trying.

Thank for any answers to my questions :)
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