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Polyps, Period Pain, Cramps/D&C, Myosure, Hysteroscope

I have always had horrible periods.  Since I was a kid, I had them.  My mom finally took me to her gynecologist who recommended BCP for me but she refused to do it since I was only 12 years old.  So, I really thought I had no choice but to deal with the terrible periods.  There were times that I would vomit in the parking lot (after my mom would pick me up from school because of the pain).

I dealt with this for about 10 years before I went on BCP for a regular basis.  I went back off them for various reasons and the terrible periods have returned.  Except this time, I had the added bonus of spotting from the middle of my cycle until I finally started my period.  By spotting, it was just that.  Not even enough to wear anything but enough to hinder my life with my husband (it's more me than him, in this regard).  I thought it was some herbal stuff I was taking, so I stopped.  It continued.  I went to my PCP who gave me thyroid medication.,  It still continued.  Finally, I went back to my gynecologist about it.

She (a PA) originally dismissed the heavy clotting and pain as normal.  Her practice doesn't give out pain medication (which I get).  But she did do a cervical biopsy (while painful, I have had worse menstrual cramps), a pap smear, and 3 vaginal ultrasounds.  Everything came back just fine except for the ultrasounds.  At first, she thought I had a cervical cyst but she couldn't see it.  On my third visit, she said she was leaning toward a polyp since it hadn't changed in size and she couldn't see it.  At this point, she said that I really should have a D&C & hysteroscopy.

During this time, I went to my amazing PCP who gave me some actual pain medication since he was comfortable that my gynecologist had tried everything.  I take them only as needed and, oh my, it has helped life so much.  For example, once I was merely blocks away from work when I felt so sick that I had to go back home & call in sick.  After I vomited, I felt tons better and went back in.

Anyway, I had a D&C, hysteroscope, & myosure yesterday.  It was a quick procedure done under anesthesia.  The hospital staff was nothing short of amazing.  My doctor found about polyps inside my uterus.  Ten!  Everything will be sent off to biopsy but there is very little reason to worry.  He said that the polyps likely caused the mid cycle bleeding, heavy clots, and pain!  I certainly hope the procedure will help.

Lastly, I really do hope this helps someone else who may be going through the same thing.
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