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My Abortion story - late term

I posted last week about being pregnant and deciding to go with an abortion .. my procedure went smoothly but not exactly as planned so I wanted to share my experience .
Previous posts leading up to today

I found out last week (march 19th) that I was pregnant . I posted about missing a period and i took the advice of most and took a pregnancy test but it came back negative and about a week and a half later I got a "period" .... since I came of birthcontrol I assumed that my periods were just wonky from that. I had been getting small light - what I thought were - periods at least once a month not always on time but not too far off and I had no pregnancy symptoms and actually had been extremely sick with a flu for almost 3 weeks and was loosing weight and was tired from that so I really believed that my negative pregnancy test was correct.
Fast forward to Wednesday and I noticed my stomach was looking pretty big ... I hadn't really noticed up until this point because I have severe ibs and a mild gluten intolerance .. I had been eating gluten and assumed this was all just bloating which I frequently experience . But my boyfriend suggested maybe do another pregnancy test just to be safe so I did .. And it came back positive . I  immediately called the clinic and booked my appointment for Monday and posted immediately and received so much helpful info for everyone in the community .
I thought I was about 12 weeks based when I stopped my birthcontrol and when I knew I had unprotected sex .
So Monday morning I went to my appointment at cabbage town women's clinic in Toronto Canada . Got there at 8 am and checked in . Took about an hour to get called in for my ultrasound . the doctor took a look and asked me when I found out I was pregnant . I told him last week and he seemed pretty shocked . He talked to the nurse for a minute then came back took one more look then informed me I was actually 17 weeks. He then made me a little uncomfortable / upset when he started asking why I took so long to come in , why I didn't think anything about my missed periods , how I didn't notice any symptoms . I explained to him that I thought I was getting a period every month , I had never had heavy periods so these seemed pretty normal and that I had no nausea no breast sensitivity no weight gain nothing. He kind of blew it off and was like well then you need birthcontrol .. I explained that I had taken it for years and stopped taking it because of a blood clot scare and just feeling like it wasn't right for my health in general but if I was 17 weeks I was in fact on birthcontrol when I conceived . he still wasn't having it and basically just left .
I was really shocked . He didn't tell me anything at this point .. he sent me back to the waiting room where I went back and informed my boyfriend . We were both very confused because we were always very pre cautious and at 17 weeks that would have meant I got pregnant while I was still on my tri cyclen lo pill . I still am at a loss for how it happened but it did so I knew I was still going to continue with the procedure . I kind of got a bit of an uneasy feeling while deciding I would have much preferred to terminate earlier , but the feeling settled pretty quickly
We waited for another hour and a half and then I was called back in to speak with when of the nurses . She informed me about what procedure I would have to have because I was so far a long . She told me I would need to get two seperate procedures one on that day and one the next day. She explained that i would have laminaria sticks inserted on that day to dilate my cervix . And the next day I would come in for the evacuation . I had googled it before going in while waiting so I was pretty comfortable and agreed that I would like to continue . I was sent back to the waiting room . My boyfriend and I didn't think it would take so long .. We waiting another hour before I was called up to the procedure area . The security wouldn't allow anyone to leave and re enter and we needed to top up our parking meter so my boyfriend left when I went up. He wasn't allowed to accompany anywhere only allowed to wait in the waiting room with me anyways so it didn't make sense for him to keep waiting in the crowded room.
When I got up my blood pressure and a blood prick test were taken , I was then given the gown and a robe to change into and taken to another waiting area . I waited for another hour and bit , a lot of the people who came up after me were seen before I was which was a little annoying.. And it was now nearing 1 pm so I was extremely hungry and very dizzy .. But finally at 1:00 I was called down .
I was taken into the procedure room and they started right away. It was extremely uncomfortable , I was hungry and dizzy so my hands were shaking but I had to continue holding the metal bars of the stirrups . The doctor told me I was doing really well and that I'm tougher than most he's seen . I have a high pain tolerance and I wouldn't say this was painful but extremely uncomfortable. A pressure and pushing inside that I had never experienced but I think my yoga breathing techniques really helped keep things relaxed and easier . The nurse informed me they were able to get all 3 laminaria sticks in and she reminded me not to eat again after midnight except for clear fluids but that I could eat anything I want up until then .
I got up immediately and was fine , cramping was mild. I was just so dizzy from the nerves and not eating ! I sat in the recovery room to wait my turn into the change room . While I waited the nurse brought me water and offered me a Tylenol 3 but I didn't feel I needed it . She gave me a T3 and anti biotics to take home . I didn't have to wait any longer I just got changed and went home .
I got home and ate right away . I felt pretty normal .. Light cramping , similar to period cramps . I slept most of the afternoon but everything felt normal I could walk etc. but I still took it easy . Didn't need to take the T3 . Took the anti biotic at 7 pm with dinner . They said it may cause nauseua but I went right to bed after eating and slept the whole night. I didn't sleep much on Sunday and guess I was emotionally and physically drained from everything of the day . Woke up at 11:30 for a snack then went back to bed .
Now today I went in for 8 am . My boyfriend just dropped me off - no point in waiting around like yesterday . To my surprise no waiting this time, I was immediately taken up to the procedure area and changed into my gown right away . The nurse then gave me a paper to read that went over what would be happening and post op care . She then gave me 3 pills that help dilate the cervix more. I had to keep them in my cheeks and keep them there as they slowly dissolve. She said it would take a while for them to kick in / for the doctor to be ready so I was sent up to the rest area and slept on the bed.
They told me I may start to feel cold ,. And oh boy did I . I'm naturally always cold so after about 20 mins I started shivering violently . but just about the time I woke up from being so cold at 11 they called me in to take out the laminaria sticks and drain the fluids
Taking out the sticks felt exactly the same as when they went in , super uncomfortable but to me not painful , again I have a very high pain tolerance . It took about 10 mins to get them out . They also gave me some of the numbing shots inside , felt like a pinch but was nothing compared to what pain level I was expecting . After wards I was sent back up to sleep .
I slept for about an hour then around 12:15 they called me for the final procedure .. The evacuation . This was what I was most nervous for but I tried to stay as calm as possible . Got into the procedure room and the nurse gave me my IV. She was so nice - I have no problem with needles but I am very sensitive to things in my arm like blood tests and IV's and I always faint while getting them - but she was super gentle talked me through it and got it first try ... Every other time I've done it they've missed because I have TINY veins , so it was a huge relief . The doctor got started right away and I barely felt a thing the whole time , I felt very light pressure at some points but everytime they warned me like ok your going to feel a lot of pressure here so take a deep breath I felt nothing . I actually basically took a nap , I was very relaxed and it went smoothly . It took about 15 mins . I think ? I was out and in the recovery room by 12:30 , I texted my boyfriend that I would be out within the next 45 mins and he picked up some soup for my lunch .
I sat in the recovery room to let my IV finish and finally get food in my stomach . The nurse gave me cookies and crackers and ginger ale and I finished it in seconds . I was EXTREMELY DIZZY at this point so I tried to stay sitting and calm but I was overwhelmed by nausea and I threw it all up.  About 20 mins and after throwing up 3 times I finally felt ready to go . So they checked my bleeding and all was well so I got changed and my boyfriend picked me up and we went home .
On the drive home I threw up again but felt better after . I ate my soup and tea slowly and was feeling better. I had no cramps just really sore in the lower back / hip joint and the front of my legs like groin area .
I'm now back at home writing this post feeling pretty all right . I feel a little emotional , not regretful but just kind of unsettled. But I definitely feel lighter like the burden has been lifted and I can feel like myself again . I guess this was something I never thought I was going to go through and the pregnancy hormones , stress , tiredness etc have me feeling a little confused . Also I think the fact that I wasn't able to tell anyone else except my boyfriend since my family would not be supportive , had me feeling a little unsettled as well .. I cried a bit just over the fact that I would have to keep this a secret for the rest of my life - just a bit of a bottled up family problem release I guess ?!  But. Overall I'm happy with my decision , but I'm definitely going to be going back on my birthcontrol and taking extra steps to prevent another unplanned pregnancy .
The nurses instructed me to constantly massage the stomach / uterus area and to keep moving every so often to get all the blood etc out . I haven't been leaking into the pad but I keep sitting on the toilet and pushing out lots of blood which is a good thing . I'm still a little dizzy so I'm trying to do my best to get up often but I'm alone until my boyfriends back from work and I'm very prone to fainting so I'm mostly just going to the toilet and massaging as I lie down.
I have to keep taking the anti biotics they gave me yesterday for the next 7 days so I'll be taking it again this evening . I can't take the T3s they gave me but if I'm having significant cramping I can take a regular or extra strength Tylenol . I got some depends bad heavy duty night time pads but it doesn't  seem I'm having much leakage into them but better safe than sorry . I have a check up in 2 weeks to ensure everything's out and that I'm doing well .
Overall I had a very good experience , other than the initial comments made by the doctor while having my ultrasound everyone was so nice. Every one of the nurses was so caring and gentle I really felt like they cared which was so comforting.
I hope that my story will help anyone who is going through similar . I didn't read anything about any late term (2nd trimester) abortions in the tag so maybe this will be useful to someone . Thank you all for all your support and help .. it really meant a lot and made things feel a little easier .. Even though things didn't go as planned I knew I would have support On here no matter what the outcome , Thank you !
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