flyyoufools8 (flyyoufools8) wrote in vaginapagina,

Macrobid and UTI Prevention

Hello all,

I posted last fall after I had issues with recurring UTI's related to intercourse. I finally saw a urologist who put be on macrobid/nitrofurantoin (100 mg) to help prevent the UTI's. He had me take 4 pills for every time I had sex- one within 12 hours before sex, and then 3 more, 12-hours apart. Even though it made spontaneous intercourse impossible, it worked and I haven't had any UTI's since! I also take a dose of D-Mannosse and probiotics daily.

I saw my urologist earlier this week for a follow-up, and he said that I can basically do what I want now with the macrobid. He said I could even consider going off of it, but I'm too nervous I'll get another infection. I asked him about just taking one pill right after intercourse and he said that would probably be okay. He just told me to take what I feel comfortable with.

Well I definitely want to reduce how many pills I'm taking, I don't really like having to take 4 pills every time I have sex. I have read other places online that a lot of people usually just take one pill after sex to prevent UTI's.

My question is to anyone here who has been on a similar treatment plan... if you take a preventative antibiotic how much do you take?

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