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Another BV post- OK to use expired meds?

Hallo everyone!

In my earnest desire to jump on a resurfacing sinus infection that never quite went way I got prescribed antibiotics. Using my power of foresight and knowing that antibiotics mean yeast infections for me, I also asked for a prescription for Diflucan with a refill.

Lo and behold yesterday my bits were a bit red and tender, so I popped a Diflucan feeling all smart about myself and got out the coconut oil to soothe. Well, I woke up with raging bits of doom! Very red, tender, and almost swollen- the Diflucan didn't help! As I was rushing to work I just did a quick tea tree oil & water soaked tampon and put in a tiny clove of garlic hoping to get a prescription for something from the dr's office. Yeah, they completely ignored me and prescribed me more Diflucan.

They're now closed, but I do have a tube of Metronidazole Vaginal Gel 0.75% that I had used for my first and only BV incident. It's however expired in 11/13. Is a three-month expired gel ok to use?

I have a super fancy and awesome date tomorrow with the boyfriend, so I'd like to at least be comfortable if not healed.

I just got my IUD, so I'm super scared about BV and PID and all that jazz.

Thanks all!

Tl;dr: Red, tender, and slightly itchy bits. No unusual discharge or odor, but no relief from Diflucan, so I'm assuming bv. Can't get into the Dr's office until at least Monday. Another risk factor is my new (about 2 months) IUD.

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