el_ardilla (el_ardilla) wrote in vaginapagina,

I may have scabies, no marks...(yet), would Planned Parenthood treat?

So, I'm having some itching/feeling like bugs on me. It's pretty mild. A guy I know has had scabies recently. If I got it from him, it would have been either 3 weeks ago, or one week ago--the times I visited his apartment. Supposedly he had got rid of them...he did not sleep in the bed I slept in. I may have hugged him a couple of times, but I didn't have sex with him or do anything like scratch his skin. I sat on the same couch he uses though.

Meanwhile, I've recently moved into my mother's country home. I'd been operating under the assumption I had fleas lately...washed some clothes, vacuumed. The "bugs" or whatever they are didn't go away, but sometimes fleas need some rigorous cleaning, and it takes multiple tries.

I'm looking for signs of bedbugs or other bugs, or the fleas still. I do not have any bites whatsoever though.

What was your scabies experience like? I hear you're itchy first before the marks show up? If it is scabies, would PP treat me?
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