amanda (mandaryn) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC pill schedule faux paux

Hey folks!

So Monday morning when I got to work, I opened my pill pack to check to make sure I took it the night before. Somehow in doing this I got my days mixed up and thought it was Tuesday. Seeing that Monday was still in there (as it should have been, as I take them in the evening), I took the pill. Once I was off work, I took Tuesdays pill in the evening.

I'm wondering what my best course of action is. Skip Tuesday and starting up business as usual on Wednesday? Or just continuing taking pills as normal, and having an extended week (8 days) and using barriers for the first week of the new pack (as well as pill free week).

I'm on a combined, monophasic pill (Falmina), just starting week 1 (I'm a Saturday start).

Thanks a bunch!

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