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It's been so long! (Difficult vagina, green, and all the things in between!)

I used to post here regularly under a different name, but fell out of the livejournal swing for a bit when I noticed it was adding to some of my anxiety to read others' issues. I'm good now, and ready for some advice!
I am 23, have von Willebrands Disease, am on continuous birth control (Junel FE) and have a Mirena IUD. I have tested negative for all STI/STDs, have a history of yeast infections, a uterus that stores blood (had a whole D&C just to find out that my uterus is bizarre and no doctor can explain why), and am physically active. I only have one partner, and we have sex about once a week.

First issue on hand: SEX. I like sex, I have alot of anxiety, so I've never loved it. I hate that people make me feel like I should love it, and I obsess over the stigma of a woman screaming at the top of her lungs over an orgasm. I've been seeing a therapist, but we're at a complete stop. I just don't know what to do. She talked about masturbating (I got my first vibrator a few months ago, but don't use it often. I would rather sleep. I love sleep!) and I did that a few times, but I just can't get a connection between my brain and vagina. I literally feel like there's a disconnect. Any suggestions would be awesome.

Second issue: I keep getting weird rushes of discharge. Enough to wet my underwear. Watery consistency most times, but sometimes it's milkier (like my normal discharge), and this morning I woke up and had a few specks of green. I don't have any itch or smell, and it hasn't happened again, but it comes and goes from time to time. Any ideas? I have a sono to detect possible polyps and a meeting with my 24 year old awkward male gyno next week (he's to embarrassed to even look me in the eye when I say the word vagina, so I make sure to say it alot).

I'm sure I'll be on here a bit more, but this is all for now, and any help would be awesome.

Thanks superstars!!
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