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Hymen/maiden barrier - Where is it?


Like everyone I had sexual education in school. I was taught bout the hymen (which I assume us the same as the maiden barrier).
From all the talk and videos I made up a imagine of what it looked like and where it was; On the inside. I felt around myself but never found it. I had heard that it was possible to loose it when riding a bike, so I did not really worry, no hymen no pain (still a virgin so don't really know if the hymen is the only discomfort, I have no problem with toys).

Everything since then up til now has been - It's on the inside!!

All erotic parts of books its always described as "he pushed inside feeling her walls around him and he stopped when he felt the her maidenbarrier". So on the inside!

A post made on this forum made me question my now 6-7 years of knowing that it is on the inside.

I googled it, and found a description and pictures, and its on the outside!! I was like what?!? Again everything I have read before this says its on the inside.

I made a picture when I was 15 of a thin film made of skin positioned right above/below the G-spot --> on the inside.

The picture I saw made it quite clear that the film covers the entrance --> not on the inside, but the outside!

So my question now; Where is it?

I have never found it, my own prooerly grew away (like they can do, I am now 22 years old, and I can accept it having dissapeared on its own).

How can a guy supposedly push inside if the hymen/maiden barrier is in fact on the outside? How can he feel her walls around him when the barrier is on the outside?

I feel stupid for asking, I feel like this us something a woman should know. But hope someone can clear things up :) Now I'm just really confused and don't really know what to think.

Note: english is not my native language, and there is no spell check on my mobile. Appologise for any bad spelling and grammar.
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