sleek_asashriek (sleek_asashriek) wrote in vaginapagina,

Position of hand and fingering

Hello all!!
I searched for experiences like the one I'm about to ask about in the "Masturbation" posts, but didn't find anything; so here's the thing:
The other day my boyfriend and I were getting on sexytime and fingering ensued. I was lying face up on my bed so I couldn't exactly see what he was doing, but I knew at first he was using one finger on my vagina. Later I asked him to add another finger. At first the thrusting felt good but then it turned painful. I asked if he'd added a third finger or something. He said it wasn't the quantity of fingers but the position of his hand (he'd switched it while thrusting).
Apparently, when the back/front of his hand was parallel to the bed, fingering felt good; and when the back/front was perpendicular to it, it hurt.
Does this mean vaginas (or my vagina?) stretch in a "two-way horizontal" direction? Has anyone ever experienced something similar?.
Hope my explanation is not confusing!.
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