ginny587 (ginny587) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cervical mucus tracking

After about a 6 year stint on HBC I have been off for the last 4-5 months. So far the problems I was on HBC for have cleared, including (very surprisingly) my regularity-I used to have cycles anywhere between 14 and 56 days but so far have been consistently between 31-35. I've become fairly period positive lately (partly from switching to cups and learning more about my own anatomy/tendencies through that) and have read some about tracking cervical mucus throughout a cycle to figure out when ovulation actually happens. Tracking hasn't happened yet, but from just glancing at what is "normal" I don't think I'm noticing some of the changes that are supposed to happen; there are two points that should be "dry" or "minimal" but I have never had a dry day and never notice a decrease in amount. Everything continues as normal before the flow starts and picks straight up again after. I can't say if it's changing consistency as it should around ovulation but now I'll be watching more closely.
Is it normal to not see any decrease in amount? I'm just a little concerned about whether or not I'm actually ovulating-I am a bit underweight and know that it can affect that whole process. Also, for while I'm tracking-when masturbation happens it takes a day or so for the lube to work its way out. How can I differentiate mucus from lube?
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