xxboy884 (xxboy884) wrote in vaginapagina,

endometrial ablation


i'm a trans guy who has had to stop testosterone and so i've started having regular bleeding again after 5+ years without experiencing it. my doctor has helpfully referred me to get endometrial ablation done in the hope it will stop the bleeding for good, or at least until i can go back on hormones.

i was wondering:

- if anyone has had endometrial ablation done, and what your experience was with the procedure itself. it freaks me out a bit because of the idea of them essentially burning my flesh away, but i know that's irrational.

- how your bleeding changed

- what people did about contraception afterwards (i sleep with men) - i have an IUD at the moment and to be honest i'd quite like to keep something like that (i dont want to take anything involving female hormones), but i don't know if that's possible post-ablation.

if people would prefer to private message instead of commenting here that's fine.

Tags: endometrial ablation
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