nicolaallover (nicolaallover) wrote in vaginapagina,

Overly Hairy?

So... I even feel embarrassed asking people I don't know about this..

I'm 19,and a girl, obviously. I have a hairy bum, thighs, stomach (including a snail trail), my back, and even around my breasts. Granted, its mainly fair hair, but its darker in some places and even where its fair its extremely noticeable because it's that long and there's so much.

My face is even a little more hairy than I think it should be. No other girls I know seem to have this issue and its something I'm really conscious about.

I've always been really self conscious anyway, but when it comes to being this hairy, its worse. I mean, there's even hair on ny toes and feet, even a light amount of hair on my shoulders.

I've been wanting to go to the doctor about this for a while to see if I have a hormone imbalance or something, but my mum seems to think I'm over reacting, but I'm not. Maybe its the Hollywood stereotypes getting in my head, who knows?

But does anyone else have this problem? It's my bum in particular that really bothers me...
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