laceandskin (laceandskin) wrote in vaginapagina,

Possible yeast infecction?

Hi VP,

I came back Tuesday from a two day trip to the beach where unfortunately I made the mistake of only taking only one bathing suit. I wore it on Sunday and without having a place to dry it, kept it in a plastic bag and planned on not wearing it again, but the next day my friends convinced me to wear it again because we might end up going swimming. Turns out we didn't and in an series of unfortunate events, one of the people I was with left us and ended up accidentally taking my only dry bottom with him, leaving me stuck in my damp, nasty, smelly bikini until we finally went home the next morning.

Then on Thursday I got my period and today I noticed a very slight itching. Not anything extreme, just enough to be noticeable and uncomfortable. I didn't notice any swelling, burning or smell. Should I be worried?
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