rachela87 (rachela87) wrote in vaginapagina,

rust colored discharge

hello! I am a woman in her and in my 20s....have not been sexually active in over a year. My new boyfriend and I attempted to have sex the other night but failed (sadly!). His penis never entered my vagina...for much of the experience he had a condom on, although there were a few short moments when his penis possibly grazed my vagina without one on. I still had an orgasm due to other factors, but nothing ever once entered inside of me.

Since then, for the last few mornings, I have woken up with rust colored discharge on my underwear, and have noticed light spotting when I use the bathroom! I am on the pill, and am not due to have my period for a couple of weeks....could this just be from my own lubrication leaving my body? I just find it a little alarming!

Thank you!
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