misty786 (misty786) wrote in vaginapagina,

Can labia majora swell/throb without arousal and during exercise


i know that labia majora can swell/throb n become engorged when person is aroused/turned on...due to increased blood flow to that area

so my question is that, can the labia majora also swell/throb due to increased heart rate by doing vigorous exercise, running etc when a person isn't thinking about sexual thoughts n isn't aroused, since the increased heart rate can cause blood to flow anywhere, including the nether regions...or its just not possible

or is it only the physical stimulation or psychological trigger response of arousal that would make the blood flow to nether regions n cause the labia to engorge with blood...i.e. the person has to be in aroused state for the labia majora to swell/throb, otherwise there is no way that it could
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