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Stomach (intestine) problems


I've been having problems with my digestive system's behavior over the last few months.  I don't feel horrible, but I have annoying and embarrassing symptoms.  I've Googled them to no avail, don't want to publicly announce them (love this anonymous forum!) and fear that my doctor will only prescribe meds.  I don't want meds.  I am sensitive to foods and I want to heal this with food, and maybe some herbal supplements/vitamins, and stress relief.

My symptoms, basically, are:  I have a very small BM just about every time I pee.  I poop tiny little, wet poops, and never really feel like I'm done.  This is problematic because I know it isn't normal and its been going on way too long, it takes forever to go, and I need a million pieces of toilet paper every time.  I will avoid peeing until I get home from events just to avoid an embarrassing 20 minutes in the bathroom.  I am going to be traveling in a few weeks, and don't need to be in the bathroom for excessive amounts of time.  I've also been very gassy, which is obviously embarrassing.  Very.

I am sensitive to certain foods, and I know this.  I am a vegan, because dairy bothers me, and this is not a recent change.  A few years ago, I lost a lot of weight, and while eating healthy any stomach symptoms I did have (I've been down the stomach med route before, hence why it scares me) went away.  I'm sensitive to huge diet changes, deep fried foods, etc.  I haven't been eating/doing those things, though.

In the last month or so, I've gone back to my healthy diet.  I had only strayed away from it a little, but I started only eating foods that I frequently ate back then to try to get my stomach back to normal.  I started a very small dose of probiotics.  I already take fiber for constipation and have not changed the amount.  I am generally cooking my own food so there are no surprises.  After an injury, I am doing cardio again, which I thought would help.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Has anyone had symptoms like these?  If I knew what it was called, or what foods are best for it, I would do something, but I just don't know, so I've gone on the bland, careful diet.  I have a feeling stress is a factor and I am actively working on that (aren't we all?)

Thanks for any advice you can give!

- Desperate!
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