That One Girl ♥♥♥ (sara) wrote in vaginapagina,
That One Girl ♥♥♥

Light spotting for two weeks on and one week off

I called my gyn/obyn on Friday to get in for not having a "period" since my last visit in September. When I went 6 months ago I mentioned to her I'm concerned that I might have PCOS since the periods I were getting were very light but she said my cycles should regulate out once the thyroid medication had been in my system a little while longer and told me to call back if I wanted to get on birth control.

Will since December I've been having ultra light spotting for two weeks on and one week off. I just got done spotting Thursday. This last bit of spotting seem really dark in color, almost black. My primary doctor has my thyroid under control last time it was tested it was below 1 so I don't believe that could be the problem but I could be wrong. I'm also in the category for prediabetes. The doctor's office wasn't able to get me in until March 13 which falls during my "spotting week". I plan on keeping this appointment even if I am spotting so that she can actually see what's going on with my body.

Long story short: what could be the cause of my two week spotting and the dark coloring? Have any of you folks experienced this?
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