norsestorm (norsestorm) wrote in vaginapagina,

Loss of sex-drive, Change in mood after moving in with partner

So my boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary in a couple months and we've been living together since September 2013. Before I moved in, I had a very large sex-drive and we would have sex whenever we would see each other (2-3 times every weekend). In addition we had never really left a "honeymoon stage", I mean we of course would argue every once in a while but never more, and almost less, than a healthy, happy relationship would dictate. Well, we decided it would be a good idea to have me move in at the beginning of the new lease (September), so I did! It started off amazingly and it was wonderful to be able to come home to him every day. My job is seasonal since I work in the tourism industry so I basically get laid off for 4 months of the year with no pay and am forced to find other means of income. While verrrrrrrry stressful in the beginning, I have never really had a problem in finding a source of income for those months off. Now my boyfriend took 2013 off from working and it is starting to continue into this year as well. I didn't have a problem with it since he's been working for the same company since college and never really had a time of reflection before getting into the workforce. It is time, however, for him to get a job again, lol. But basically, he's been around the house, and me, more than usual since I've gone off season. Since December (the beginning of off-season), I have felt a change in my mood and libido. I feel like I start fights more, or get frustrated, annoyed, or aggravated at the littlest things. Things that I never used to care about, or just shrugged off. It's usually things that my boyfriend does that I've never had a problem with before. I feel like a B****. In addition, I have lost almost all of my sex-drive. Now I have always been close to a nymphomaniac when I'm in long-term relationships with my partners, and have been even more with my current one because I actually love him! I mean sex has always been an important part of a relationship to me because I feel connected both physically, emotionally, and mentally to the person during sex on a level that I feel can only be reached through the act. Now It's like that want and desire for that connection has almost completely disappeared. And when I do want to have sex, it's like I feel too lazy to go through the whole process of fore-play and such that I simply just take my pants off and ask to "just do it already". I'm worried about what may be happening to me and the effect it's having on my relationship. I truly love my boyfriend and believe he is my soulmate. Both of us have expressed that we want to spend the rest of our lives together, and I don't want to jeopardize that just because of something that seems like it can be fixed. He has been very understanding throughout my change and has never made me have sex when I didn't want to, he never even complains! And we always talk, and I always apologize, and he always understands after I become angry all of a sudden. He is the greatest guy, and I just don't want him to have to endure this anymore. I'm trying so hard to do this myself, but I fear it isn't enough. What should I do? Help!
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