.LIBERATED.WOMAN. (liberatedwoman) wrote in vaginapagina,

Update on my situation with Zoladex 10.8mg

Hi everyone!
It had been probably 3-4 months since I last posted here. I was complaining of not having my periods anymore since I took Zoladex 10.8mg.
I took the injection July 2013. It is almost March and I am dating someone else and we are planing to get married and having children, but because of not having periods anymore and  extremely intense hot flashes, I'm afraid that Zoladex damaged my ovaries. It will be such a big disappointment!

I really want my periods back(I'm weird to say that, but I'm missing them so much!). I wonder if I should take Provera so I can have my periods!
Please someone give me a light? Some medicine!!

Oh and by the way, does anyone know of some herbs to stop hot flashes! I'm melting!

This is the link for my first post about Zoladex:
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