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Bacterial Vaginosis, Eczema, Boric Acid

Good morning,

I posted last night and was flagged. My sincerest apologies if I offended anyone. I am a very loving accepting person and would absolutely be crushed if anyone was brought to heartache by my actions or words. I use humor to cope and this morning tears are my coping mechanism.

So...I have been diagnosed with vaginal eczema. I have herpes. I have multiple sebaceous cysts. Wondering if bacterial Vaginosis is in the mix. I have had many yeast infections in my life, even in my childhood. I am tired of the irritation, the pain, the dread of it flairing up after every period. I am a firefighter and my issues can make it very hard to work.


1. Has anyone used boric acid during their period? I have tracked my biggest irritation to my period. I want to try and use it while on my next period to see if I can't combat the faltering pH level caused by menstrual blood.

2. While we're on boric acid, does it make anyone run like a faucet? The day after I use it I have to wear a pad to keep from embarrassing myself. The pad irritates an already irritated vagina. If I use regularly, will this lessen?

3. Has anyone had any success using sea buckthorn seed oil? I've started using this externally for skin irritation and orally to assist with low vaginal moisture. I found liturature on this one, but of course the tests were not FDA regulated. However, I would much rather go natural than take medicine.

4. Has anyone had success with cutting sugar or gluten out of their diet? Both are my crutches and I am making efforts to significantly cut them out of my diet.

Extremely excited to find this site in the hopes that I can find answers from kind hearted people with similar issues. Again, very sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings.

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