kchez007 (kchez007) wrote in vaginapagina,

Labioplasty - revisited!

Hi all! I posted recently about my long standing concerns about the appearance of my vagina, and how my labia were causing discomfort during sex. I plucked up the courage to post some photos to get feedback from other members. Everyone was so kind and very helpful with suggestions on how to make myself more comfortable. Last night I had sex for the first time since, with a male friend. I took on board some tips and used them. I was delighted to find the whole experience more comfortable. Also having been told by you guys that my parts were fairly normal I felt able to relax, and let my friend enjoy my body.

I had told him about my concerns on how i looked naked and he suggested taking photos from his point of view, so that I could see what he could see. I agreed to this (making sure he used MY phone!), and I was generally happy with the outcome. I would recommend this if anyone else has the same problem, also it was a real turn on being photographed nude, I have kept the photos as a memento!

Thanks to people on here who helped me, I am very greatfull, as you have reignited my sex drive.
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