Nyx Valentine (quietchildae) wrote in vaginapagina,
Nyx Valentine

New SSM intro!

Hi everyone! My name is Nyx. I joined VP several years ago looking for information about birth control, if I recall correctly, and stuck around for the long haul. I'm really into social justice and equality, and I feel like non judgemental safe spaces to learn in are a huge part of that battle.

I'm a 20 something living in Southern California with my partner of 7 years. I'm poly, pagan, kinky and queer, which come together to make for some interesting conversations on occasion, but have also led me to some really amazing people in my life.

I grew up all over the United States. I have been to 5 different colleges in 3 different states, though I've yet to get a degree in much of anything, I really like learning new and different things.

I'm an artist of various stripes, currently focusing on fashion design and fabric/textile arts. At other points, I've also been a model for art nudes, fetish, and fashion images, and a photographer of the same, I've made jewelry on occasion, and sometimes even paint things, though not terribly well.

I read an excessive amount, and am incredibly grateful for libraries, because I couldn't afford enough books to keep myself happy otherwise. I read fantasy, sci fi, young adult, Vonnegut (totally his own genre, I swear!), erotica, epidemiology, and experimental literature with glee, but pretty much anything printed and bound will get my attention. I was homeschooled for part of my life, and raised without a television until I was 16 or so, and I started reading very young, and very fast, and never stopped. I also listen to music probably way too much, I almost always have a radio of some sort going. I listen to pretty much everything across the board, good music is good music, regardless of genre.

I'm also a Burning Man person - there's something delightful about flinging yourself up against the harsh desert for a week or more to prove that you can. It's also a fascinating social experiment, and I'm always delighted to take part in it. I ran a theme camp for the past 5 years, and am taking a break from being in charge of things this year to volunteer with the Gate staff instead, most likely :)

Other than that, I also love to cook things, and make things, and do things. I try to be active and involved in my life, whatever it may entail that day. My life motto is "So it goes."
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