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New SSM intro!

Hi, everyone! I'm so glad to be here introducing myself as a part of the fabulous team of maintainers for this wonderful community. I hope that as we go, we have as awesome a time as we have until now.

A few things: I've been a member of VP for some years now, having joined right around the time I got really into reproductive rights/health justice, mostly fueled by my medical issues. Since then, I've grown in knowledge in so many different subjects, all thanks to YOU, our members! Since I am sadly unable to do a lot of volunteer work in person, I wanted to give back in ways that I can -- so here I am!

The down and dirty list of stuff you need to know about me:
--genderqueer [well, the real term I use is "gendermeh," but genderqueer is easier to use in the larger world!], preferred pronouns are either she/her or they/their
--disabled -- long list of reasons why, some of which directly impact why I am here, such as endometriosis and PCOS, others of which are more obscure, like "severe PTSD." I am hoping to use my homegrown knowledge to help others in their hard times.
--oh yes, and I model -- I do both random art stuff and erotic/fetish shoots, though not pornography. I think that doing so as someone read as "a woman of size" is a really interesting way to knock sizeist culture on its ass. Also, it's fun.

I have a bunch of different things I would like to host discussions about, both things specifically relating to sexual/genital health and things that seem a bit disconnected, generally things like mental health and safety -- but I promise they are actually connected! Also, I'd like to see more discussions of kink- and fetish-related activities, because it's a subject near and dear to my heart.

So, VP, do I get delicious pie, or tomatoes? HAVE AT ME!
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