Rachel (bad_vegan) wrote in vaginapagina,

On the use of plastic wrap in masturbation.

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding plastic wrap. I masturbate on average two or three times per week, using my fingers for clitoral stimulation. However, I'm kind of finicky about fluids and I don't really like to get anything on my hands. For the most part I've gotten around this by putting my hand in a plastic bag or wrapping my fingers in plastic cling wrap. I'm always very careful not to let the plastic come into contact with anything but my hands before use. But it's occurred to me that perhaps using plastic on such delicate bits of myself isn't a great idea. Could I somehow irritate myself? I know that I'm a worrier and I'm probably anxious over nothing again, but what really scares me is the thought that somehow rubbing plastic along my clitoris could spread whatever ingredients are used to make plastic into my skin. I'm already genetically at risk for ovarian cancer; I wouldn't want to make my life any more difficult down there. I figure that it's best to ask people who know more than I do. I've tried to answer my question using Google, but honestly I don't think a Google search like "vagina + plastic wrap" is likely to give me what I want.

So, wise VPers, does anyone know if using plastic cling wrap or plastic bags in masturbation is safe? Forgive me if I sound completely clueless. I freely admit that I still have a whole lot to learn! Thank you in advance for your help.
Tags: safer-sex
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