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I ask that only people who arent going to judge me and who will actually understand that I am human and I make mistakes put in their opinions only. I am fairly stressed about things as it is and I just want an opinion.

I'm currently about 8 weeks pregnant. When I first found out I immediately "knew" it was my ex's. But as time goes on I am over thinking and over analyzing and just worrying myself a lot.

I had unprotected sex with my ex on January 3rd. He came inside of me. We got into an argument shortly after the 3rd and being hurt, I did something stupid and slept with an old friend of mine whom I have hooked up with before. Unfortunately this was also unprotected being I was intoxicated and didn't really want it to happen in the first place but of course things happen when I drink and I seem to care a little less. He did NOT cum inside me. But the thing I can't get out of my head is he didn't cum inside me and he didn't cum on me or in his hand so I don't quite remember WHERE he came. I do remember after the fact that no seamen dripped out of me after (I sat up and left him pretty quickly...), and when he did pull out i remember feeling some "moisture" on my leg but basically just a drop. So it could have just been my own fluids.

My last period was December 20th.
Going by all the charts and calculators it would seem that I ovulated on the 3rd and that this baby would indeed be my Ex's.
My periods are pretty regular so I probably didn't ovulate later. But of course I'm having those freak out moments like what if this time I did. What if this was a cycle that I just ovulated later. I have been over/under 28 days before but like I said, I am generally a pretty regular 28 day cycle.

I literally havent spoken outloud about this to ANYONE. So I'm basically looking for some reassurance/thoughts/opinions?

Thank you ahead of time.
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