bawkchoy (bawkchoy) wrote in vaginapagina,

Can I trust this HPT?

This is probably going to sound very silly, but I was assaulted on December 30th, and though it was not penetrative, and my attacker didn't remove his underwear or mine, I've been really ill since the 19th and I'm absolutely terrified of the possibility that I conceived.

My menstrual cycle has always been utterly unreliable. I think I average about four periods a year, and I don't really keep track of when it happens, since I had never had sex before (I regret my oversight now).

At the time, I was really shaken up, as I knew the attacker quite well, and I didn't have the money for emergency contraception (and even if I did it seemed so out of the realm of possibility that I might not have either way). I had a light-ish period somewhere between the 8th and the 15th, but the internet tells me that could have been ovulation bleeding. I took my first home pregnancy test on the 21st, and it was negative, and then I waited until the 30th of January to take the second (also negative).

However, my breasts and nipples are intermittently sore, I spotted weak brown discharge about a week ago, and my vagina has an unpleasant odor / no discharge, which is really unusual for me. I've had really bad abdominal pains, too, though they're mostly confined to the left side and beneath my belly button, which makes me suspicious. I desperately wanted it to be an ovarian cyst, but when I went to urinate this morning there was a little shred of white in the toilet, which Dr. Google says is a symptom of pregnancy.

My funds are really, really, really limited, and I live with two very religious parents who probably won't be sympathetic, so going to the doctor (which is super far, as is Planned Parenthood) is my very last option. Thoughts?
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