Tasha (namelessw0nder) wrote in vaginapagina,

Diagnosis obtained! DIV

Link to my last post, last week.

So after months of no answers, the new gyn gave me a diagnosis of desquamative inflammatory vaginitis (aka. DIV). She prescribed me 10 doses of clyndamycin, a vaginal gel to be inserted nightly for 10 nights, and several doses of diflucan to mitigate yeast infections (take one during first week, second during last few days of treatment, hold onto the others for future). I did some Googling and found that 90% of cases respond to the clyndamycin treatment, so here's hoping I'm within that 90%. I'm about to get my period, so I'll start treatment as soon as I can. She said it's safe to use on low-flow days, or start it now and discontinue when I get my period, so I'm basically starting ASAP. I pick up the prescription at lunchtime today!

From what I've found and what she said, the cause of DIV is unknown. It is basically a skin condition inside the vagina that causes irritation and pain, sometimes unusual discharge with no odor. It is not sexually transmitted. It is diagnosed by the presence of excess white cells, with no other infections identified. I suspect it is some kind of bacterial imbalance, but the bacteria that causes it is unknown.

If this route doesn't work, I am definitely going to try acidophilus capsules inserted vaginally. Fingers crossed! I would really like to be itch & discomfort free for my honeymoon in London next month!
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