norsestorm (norsestorm) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vaginal pain and spotting after sex while on Nuvaring

Ok, so I had sex with my boyfriend last night. Nothing unusual about it, not particularly rough. Shortly afterwards, I started having pain in my vagina. A pain that sort of felt like I had been overstretched, or that I had gotten jabbed with a broom handle. This morning, the pain was gone (a tiny bit of cramping has lingered) but when i went to the bathroom I found that I had spotted as well. Now it's Wednesday afternoon and I was supposed to remove my Nuvaring on Monday night. I'm a couple days into my fourth week and I've never left it in this long before. I'm slightly freaking out. Is this normal? Have any of you had similar experiences?

Also, something that may be possibly relavent, I have HPV. I have been tested and have had a coloposcopy and have been found with no dysplasia or pollops of any kind, just inflammation.
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