Sarah Marie (mangofandango) wrote in vaginapagina,
Sarah Marie

MMMMonday! Coping with the doldrums.

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Hey superstars! For some of us, it's been winter a very long time, and we're tired of it. For people in warmer places, maybe you're sick of the heat. If you're not into Valentine's Day, maybe you're annoyed that it's almost here. Perhaps you've had a string of illnesses recently and are exhausted and out of spoons. (Your friendly neighborhood maintainer may be speaking from the experience of her friends and family right now, could you guess?) If you're feeling bummed, stuck, spent, or otherwise less than cheerful right now, what are some things you do to cope? If you share some of your strategies with us, maybe others will get some good ideas for self-care, coping, and perhaps feeling a bit better soon.
Tags: mmmmonday
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