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Vaginal Air Bubbles, Sometimes Musty Odor/White Frothy Discharge, Possible Connection to...?

Hi, guys! :)

This is embarrassing (whoop, guess many of us are in that boat :P), and since I have no health insurance I figured I would go ask around first. However, I really do intend to see a doctor on this if it doesn't go away dreadfully soon... BUT HOW WILL I AFFORD THIS!? My financial situation is shit, and my bills are piling up, and I'm not working... and this is madness! But enough about my OTHER problems, deep sigh. :(

Just this past week I have been having a bubbly feeling in my vagina. Today there was a "pop." It wasn't painful or loud, just very very strange as I have never had this before, and so I am confused, scared, and I Googled like a madwoman with no clear answer. I've gotten everything from "You're totally fine!" to "You are going to die!" (no, seriously, some medical website said that and I forgot what they named the condition). So obviously this is very eerie and freaky.

To top it off, there has been a discharge and odor but I don't find it particularly out of the norm, but I don't want to dispel it all together. The discharge is off-white and creamy, and it was a little frothy at times. But that lasted like 3 days it seems, and since I've had that kind of discharge before I want to say it's regular and normal. Lately no discharge. Right after my period my smell was very strong and musty, and that was unusual as I almost have NO vaginal smells whatsoever (like really, it sometimes even astounds people). Sure, sometimes I do, but lately it seems the smell has been stronger, though I would not classify it as unpleasant or fishy... just kind of musty, sometimes sweet, and sometimes acidic, but certainly stronger (it keeps changing, the what? the who?). I might just be paying too much attention to detail. o.O

I haven't had a gyn check-up in maybe about two years (I know, that's terrible, but I lost my health insurance and simply couldn't afford to keep going). I was diagnosed with HPV back then. The doctor wasn't sure if it was serious or not but urged me to get regular pap smears. At that time my then bf had genital warts. His doctor said not to worry because that form of HPV does not cause cancers in men or women... but there is no real certainty on that as I'm sure HPV is still in the works of being fully understood. So to top it off I worry about cervical cancer and not knowing what I have going on down there in two years is pretty mind-wrenching. I could have another form of HPV right now, who knows! :/

I'm sorry this is long. I want to BELIEVE I'm okay but the whole "air bubbles" thing does not strike me as normal because it is very out of the norm for me. I haven't been exercising lately and I usually work out a lot. I've been mostly sitting on my bum (sans panties all the time), writing and just being very lazy. For someone who works out every day, I wonder if the change in routine could have caused something. I read online it could be my pelvic walls collapsing (nice!) or a fistula or tear in the rectum causing fecal matter to get in the vagina (omg! the sounds horrible!) to cervical cancer... so you see, it's like a wonder wheel of insanity. @_@ I somehow doubt it's the change in routine. I've had plenty of lazy lazy weeks and none of this.

I'm hardly sexually active these last few months, but in the last two years have had quite a few partners, and have had unprotected sex a few times... so I'm well on my way to get tested for STIs tomorrow at the free clinic. I'm dreadfully scared as I have not gotten tested in a year as well. Not having insurance is turning out to be a very bad thing because I don't know if I can afford anything God forbid I do have an issue.

So who else has experienced these mysterious vaginal air bubbles, and could HPV have anything to do with it? I was thinking BV, but I've had that before and the smell doesn't seem to match it... although a stronger vaginal smell than usual could indicate something.

The whole vaginal fistula or rectal-vaginal tear thing (I forget the technical words) sounds pretty damn dreadful and I am hoping that is not the case!

Ahh, I'm going crazy... the bubbles just got way worse today!

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