fivecentsfirst (fivecentsfirst) wrote in vaginapagina,

Small sores/cuts around clitoris

Hey all,

I just noticed today when I got our of the shower that I had what looked like two small cuts or sores on either side of my clitoris. The skin around them was white-ish, kind of like canker sores, and I brushed the white stuff away to get a better look--it rubbed off pretty easily, so now I'm left with two red spots on either side.

These aren't pimples, there're no scabs, and they only hurt when I directly touch them, and even then it's not that bad. My SO of 2 years has had cold sores in the past, but he hasn't had an outbreak in a while. We don't use condoms.

In the last few days I've also noticed some really strong, thick discharge and general itchiness/tenderness on my outer labia, so I've been using Canesten cream on those areas. Also, my actual clit looks kind of... bruised? and is a bit tender. I'm thinking this might be because of the rather rough Hitachi masturbation session I had two days ago.

In summary: two red canker sore looking things on either side of my clitoris which don't hurt unless I touch them directly, plus potential yeast infection. I honestly wouldn't have noticed them if I hadn't been inspecting my shaving job after the shower.

Anyone else experience this or have any suggestions as to what it might be? Can a yeast infection cause little sores? Should I be worried about HSV? I've had clit chafing before, but the red spots are usually bigger, one at a time, and I notice them directly after masturbating with too-long nails or something like that. I haven't used my fingers to masturbate for a few days, so I'm not sure if it's from that...

Thanks for your help!

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