Tasha (namelessw0nder) wrote in vaginapagina,

Never-ending itch

I posted a month or two ago about a never-ending itch I had. I was treated for BV in November, by pill and then gel (metronidazole?). The only time I had reprieve from the itch since then was while using the gel, but as soon as I was done (after a week), it came back. It's mostly external, between the inner labia. No odor or discharge. I've had doctors check several times and there's no evidence of BV or candida (or trich, which can seem like yeast) or lichen sclerosis. I was also tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia even though I am in a monogamous relationship, those were negative as well. The itching is worst when I'm in the shower (warm showers). I get irritated after and sometimes during sex, even when we use lubrication, so we aren't having much penetrative sex right now. Sex always seems to make it worse.

I tried a week straight of boric acid capsules and my pH was apparently perfect (according to the doc), but the itch was still present. Maybe I should have tried longer, but wearing pantyliners all day (for the boric acid discharge) seems to make it worse too. I am now trying gentian violet, soaked into a tampon and inserted, with some applied externally. It's only been two hours, but I'm not feeling any relief yet. All other testimonials I've read seem to indicate immediate relief when using this.

The only positive test I've had since the BV was last week when the doc said I had a little candida show up under the microscope. This was after a full week of boric acid capsules. She prescribed another gel, some tetrazole I think? It didn't help at all and I actually felt so much worse in the middle of the treatment. It was only 3 days of treatment.

Any other ideas for treatments? My next route is to try introducing bacteria to the area, in the form of yogurt soaked tampons or acidophilus capsules inserted vaginally. Tea tree oil is no longer soothing, it doesn't seem to do anything. It should be noted that I eat a very healthy diet, low in refined sugars, and no wheat. I have noticed however that if I drink alcohol, the itching gets worse.

I had a copper IUD (Paragard) inserted at the end of September 2013. I am wondering if somehow that is the cause, though all the doctors keep telling me there's no way that could happen. I keep reading online testimonials about people with IUDs getting frequent/perpetual infections though... I really want to find a solution to this because the IUD is really ideal for our lifestyle & my reproductive plans. This is all really upsetting. I am going on my honeymoon next month and had hoped to have it all resolved by then.
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