Natty ♎ - ♓ - ♐ (un_fantasma) wrote in vaginapagina,
Natty ♎ - ♓ - ♐

What to expect during and after a colposcopy?

Hi everyone. I recently had a pap smear done and as it turns out, I had some abnormal cells. I'm getting a colposcopy (including a biopsy) on the 11th so that my gynecologist can determine what's going on.

I don't know what to expect during a colposcopy however, and I'm nervous. pap smears are REALLY uncomfortable for me so I don't know what it's going to feel like to get a biopsy. I'm also really nervous about recovery. I work as a janitor, so my job is very physical. I've read not to exercise for at least 24 hours after a colposcopy, but I wonder how many days I should take off of work. It's important to know so I can plan ahead. In general I'm just nervous about it and what the results could mean.

I don't know. Thoughts? Experiences? Reassuring words?
Tags: colposcopy
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