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Bookish Miss

safe to start a boric acid regimen?

Hey y'all,

After reading through all the VP posts on the use of boric acid suppositories (I'm treating yeast, but I read the yeast and BV related posts), I'm left with a bit of question.

Well, actually, a couple of questions.

First, long back story made short. I've been dealing with a particularly persistent case of the yeasties since late October after my third sinus infection in four months (1800 mg of Augmentin per day for 14 days the first two times and 1400 mg of Keflex daily for 7 days the third). The OTC yeast products don't work at all, any of them, and a Diflucan regimen only slowed it down some. I've had more luck with Terazol, but after three rounds of that the same thing is happening — it's knocking the yeast beast down, but not out. It didn't help that my last withdrawal bleed, which was very heavy with lots of golf ball sized clots, overlapped with the most recent Terazol treatment.

So, after reading lots of anecdotal reports and clinical literature, I'm ready to try boric acid. However ...

I last visited the nurse practitioner at PP Jan. 22. She used a speculum to get a sample to check my yeast levels and PH, whereas in the past she had used a long Q-tip because of inflammation. So, my question is, am I okay to start a regimen of boric acid suppositories this week? If she scraped instead of swabbed, how long (generally) would it take the tissues to heal? I don't want to poison myself! :-) I think I'm good to go, based on the research I've done, but would like to hear what the knowledgeable folks here at VP think.

Also, in a similar vein, I go for my yearly WWE with blood draw and smear test on March 5. How soon before then should I stop the boric acid treatments (assuming I need a long course of treatment)?

Any help would be *greatly* appreciated!!

(Oh, and just fyi ... I already take probiotics, use tea tree oil externally and follow a very-low sugar and moderate whole grain diet because I have PCOS.)
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