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MMMMonday! #NotBuyingIt and sexism in Super Bowl ads.

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As many of you may be aware, last night in New York, the Super Bowl happened. Since the Super Bowl is an example of U.S. culture at large, with the huge advertising budgets and big name performances, VP was tweeting along about the problematic aspects throughout the evening. In fact, Twitter in general took up the cause, critiquing sexist advertising with the hashtag #NotBuyingIt. While there was some internet discussion about things possibly being a little less sexist this year, there was certainly not a lack of problematic things to discuss.

If you watched, did you think there was any change (in either direction) in the sexism and racism generally rampant in Super Bowl advertising? Or was it the same old sexist same old? Were you tweeting along with us (or reading along)? Do you think Twitter activism will have an impact on future advertising choices? Let's talk in comments.
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